Creating Safe Schools

Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness at a Glance


Academic excellence, respectful and caring relationships, and a culture of reflection, conversation, collaboration, and commitment to continuous improvement are the core purposes of Lexington Public Schools.  A safe and secure school is essential to providing a quality learning environment. Over the past year we have implemented a program to improve the safety and security of our schools. We have developed and updated emergency plans with the assistance of Lexington Police and Fire Departments, Lexington Public Facilities, administrators, teachers, schools nurses, parents, and others. We have conducted training for school staff and provided information for the school community.

Since preparedness begins at home, we have designed this website to provide information for parents, guardians, and students. We encourage every family to develop a family emergency plan. We recommend that you determine how you will communicate with your family members if there is an emergency. Prepare a communications plan that includes a list of emergency contacts and share the plan with all family members.

We ask all parents to become familiar with Lexington Public Schools' emergency procedures, which are posted on the “Parents” page of this website. Please make sure that the emergency information (health care and emergency contact information) on file with your child's school is up to date.

Please check out the "Resources Page" of this website where students, parents, and guardians can find links to many resources that may help address challenges that students may be experiencing in school and outside of school.

We have developed new emergency procedures flipbooks and placed one in every classroom. We have developed a training program for all staff, so they will know what to do during an emergency. We ask all teachers to review the classroom Emergency Procedures flipbook and make sure their flipbook and class roster is located within an immediately accessible location inside your classrooms. Teachers, be sure you know how to call for help. Identify primary and secondary exit routes, locate nearby emergency equipment, and ensure that you know what to do if an incident occurs.