Creating Safe Schools

Teacher's Preparedness Checklist


Teachers play an important role in school safety and security. You can help maintain a secure learning environment by:

If you see someone who doesn't appear to belong, ask them if you can provide assistance. Escort them to the main office where they may sign in. Take a staff member with you if you feel uncomfortable.

If the visitor/intruder refuses to cooperate, do not escalate the situation. Monitor the intruder's direction of travel from a safe position, and call the office and give a detailed description. DO NOT send a student to the office to get an administrator.

Classroom Emergency Procedures

Classroom Emergency ProceduresClassroom Emergency Procedures flipbooks have been distributed to all schools. Please take a few minutes to review the new flipbooks and prepare yourself to lead your class during an emergency.

Memorize the number to call for emergency assistance, and be sure you know where you can access a telephone to make an emergency call. Verify that you can hear emergency announcements.

Be sure that you are familiar with procedures for evacuation, lockdown, "secure and hold," and shelter-in-place. Identify the nearest exit from your classroom and be sure you know where to assemble your students. Identify an alternate exit travel path in case the primary exit or path is obstructed.

Review the "Teacher's Preparedness Checklist" on this page. If you have questions ask your principal or another administrator.

Students in Trouble or in Need

Review the Emergency Procedures to learn the warning signs of students who may be in crisis. Contact the guidance office, if you have questions or need assistance with a student.

Review the links to organizations and information on the resources page of this website. The resources page includes links to information on bullying, cyber bullying, harassment, mental health, and counseling resources.